masonry reinforcement

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Where masonry has cracked and failed as a result of ground movement, weathering or increased loads, the Helibeam System provides stress-free horizontal bed joint reinforcement which ties the masonry together while creating deep masonry beams which restore integrity and distribute structural loads. Other ties and fixings provide lateral and vertical restraint to complete the system, which is applicable to all types of masonry structure.

For many situations, the Helibeam System offers a structurally sound alternative, at significantly less cost than underpinning but, if necessary, the system can be combined with additional support to the foundation in the form of screwpiles (see Instant Foundations).

The technique can also be used to form lintels over openings where none exist as part of the original construction.

Charterbuild are approved installers of the Helibeam System, and have many years experience in its design and installation. We are pleased to offer free site visits and give advice and/or propose a repair strategy tailored to individual circumstances. An insurance backed guarantee is available with the system.