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About screwpiles

Screwpiles are, literally, screw in foundations comprising one or more helices attached to a round shaft, installed by rotary hydraulic motor.

Typical shaft sizes range from 73mm to 406mm, diameter, although sizes up to 915mm have been used. Helix sizes depend upon the shaft diameter and soil conditions, ranging from 150mm to over 1 metre.

Screwpile technology offers significant advantages over traditional piling systems:

  • Rapid installation
  • Instant loading - no curing time
  • No earth to remove/no concrete to install
  • No noise
  • No vibration
  • Competitively priced
  • Proven technology
  • Can be removed if required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be installed in low headroom conditions
  • Effective in compression and tension
  • Can be used for jacking


Screwpiles can provide a perfect solution for underpinning, being rapidly installed, with very little disturbance.

Using a patent foundation support bracket, instant loads can be applied to the pile, and, if required, jacking of the foundation can be undertaken from each pile position.

The system is especially useful for light structures such as garages and porches, where it can offer significant savings against traditional repair techniques. Screwpiles can also offer a cost effective means of additional support where masonry reinforcement schemes are installed.

Section piles and low headroom installation equipment mean access is available to almost any area - whether it's low headroom or restricted access.

New foundations

Ideal for garages, conservatories or porches, screwpiles provide and instant foundation at a cheaper cost and substantially quicker and cleaner than traditional piling or strip foundation systems.

The use of screwpiles is limited only by imagination - simply ask if we can help provide you with an instant foundation solution to your project.

Temporary support

Screwpiles don't just screw in, they can be screwed out, too! This makes them ideal for temporary support to re-locatable buildings, mobile homes and telecommunication equipment, to name but a few examples

Other uses

screwpiles can support:

  • Signs
  • Lighting columns
  • Elevated walkways/platforms
  • Fencing
  • Pipelines

If you have an unusual idea, we'd love to hear about it!