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helica anchors

Helical anchors are screwed into the ground to provide a quick, simple and reliable fixing point to which chains can be attached to secure items such as plant, equipment, motorcycles and bicycles. They can also be used for securing guyed structures, trees, vines and fencing and can be unscrewed for re-use in other locations.


Installation is either by hand or by powered augering but requires no large or expensive equipment. The achievable holding capacity is dependent upon the ground conditions but with the correct anchor in the right conditions holding capacities of up to 50kN are attainable.

As the anchors are screwed in they can, when not in use, be unscrewed for re-use at other locations.

With their ease of operation, helical anchors are ideal for confined spaces and avoid damage both to the soil structure or crops and to nearby structures and can be loaded to their full capacity immediately after installation.

Anchor selection

The length and diameter of the shaft and the diameter and thickness of the anchor disk are dependent upon the anchor's purpose, the screw-in depth and the required holding capacity. Anchor Systems can advise on the most suitable type and size of anchor but will require information on its intended use, loading capacity and the ground conditions present.

Anchor holding capacity (pull out strength) in kN, depending on nature of soil, diameter of anchor disk and installation depth.