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Duckbill mechanical ground anchors have extensive structural and groundwork applications and have proved themselves to be reliable in practically all displaceable ground conditions. With rapid installation, Duckbills provide an efficient and cost-effective means of stabilising stone and masonry structures as well as slopes and embankments, comprising virtually any substrate, and have been successfully employed on a diverse array of projects around the world.

The Duckbill system is a simple, reliable and cost-effective ground anchoring solution.

The concept involves a specially designed anchor, linked to high yield tie bars or tendons to suit a variety of conditions, being driven into the ground where it is locked in position. The tensile load is applied and the top end terminated.

With their ease of use and speed of installation, Duckbills provide a time and cost saving alternative to more traditional means of anchoring, particularly where tight programme schedules are involved.

Duckbills provide immediate loading capacities from 1 - 300kN in most displaceable ground conditions, and have extensive applications. Used with our Combi-Tec system, anchors can be installed to provide a totally concealed top termination.

Duckbill Ground Anchors: Applications

Duckbill ground anchors have wide ranging applications; for the stabilisation of masonry structures, such as retaining walls, bridge abutments and lock walls; for erosion control on coastal defences, embankments, cuttings and cliff stabilisation; underwater for securing pipelines, seabed matting and floating docks; for temporary or permanent works securing sheet piling and trench sheeting.


Providing immediate, simple and very effective stabilisation, Duckbill mechanical ground anchors have wide ranging applications for both temporary and permanent works and have proved themselves to be reliable under virtually all displaceable ground conditions.


Duckbill anchors can be supplied in anodised aluminium, galvanised cast iron and complete stainless steel assemblies. They are available in a range of sizes and offer a choice of termination plates, including a fully concealed top termination with the Combi-Tec system, making them ideal for historic and listed structures.

Advice & Specification Assistance is available to provide advice on appropriate anchor systems. To prepare a specification it is essential to establish: load requirements with safety factors; soil characteristics; soil report; bore hole logs if available; installation depth of anchor and setting out; design life of the system; top end termination.